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[2017.12]Cross-Border E-Commerce Leader – South Korea Legal Person of Gshopper Awards ‘Exporting 20 Million US Dollars Prize’ A


Gshopper, cross-border e-commerce company, gains ‘Exporting 20 million US dollars prize’ at the 54th Day of Trade held by Korean Trade Association which is supported by knowledge economy department.

‘Exporting Prize’ is a legal day set for balanced development of trade and consolidating the consciousness of trading strategy. ‘Day of Trade’ gives the prizes to the company which contribute to export sales, development of overseas market and export volume from July last year to June this year. From this year, assessment of prize reflects the creation of job opportunities and exportation of domestic value-added rate. ‘Day of Trade’ is held at Samsung-Dong Korea International Conference and Exhibition Center. People who contribute to trade and relevant people of government agency participated in the event.

Gshopper – a pioneer of reverse direct purchasing service between China and Korea, is a leading cross-border e-commerce company. Gshopper brings domestic and foreign brands to overseas online and offline platform, offers integrated solutions to the successful export of world brands, entering local platform, operation, sales, CS, logistics. Especially in Korea legal person case, Gshopper plays a role of bridgehead which exports domestic cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, health care products, fitness brands to China, Japan and Europe.

Annual export volume of Gshopper Korea legal person hits 29.19 million US dollars from July 2016 to June 2017, up to 587 percent compared to the previous year which export volume is 4.25 million US dollars. Basic cosmetics and make up products take largest proportion among export category. China accounts for the vast majority part of export. Gshopper has exceeded 2017 annual sales, 100 million dollars, in December. The growth of sales in recent years is impressed.

Gshopper explores China, Japan, and Europe market successfully based on global market trading, purchasing ability, transparent service process and big data. The close cooperation between local expert and world shopping platform activate sales. It provides integrated service to domestic company troubled by export and contributes overseas sales channel. Big data system ensures and proposes potential products to improve trust and satisfaction.

Gshopper is recognized as a fast-growing cross-border e-commerce company. The reverse direct purchasing business which is focused on China at the first now infiltrates into Japan and Europe by diversified sales. In the future, Gshopper plans to enter potential global market such as America, Southeast Asia, Russia, and brings Korea shopping to the world.