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[2017.11][Gshopper Press Release] Gshopper achieves improved sales performance by preparing for singles day



News Release

‘Gshopper’, a leading Cross-border Company,

Achieves Improved Sales Performance

by preparing for ‘Singles Day’


- Sales reached about KRW 37.5 billion in 3Q 2017 that includes Singles Day

- Balanced growth of B2B business in Korea, China, Japan and Europe by establishing partnership against each country’s office 

- Offer and propose the “hot” items through Big Data System

Nov 15 2017, Seoul, Korea - Singles’ Day, China’s largest shopping event of the year, ended with the greatest success on November 11th. Alibaba hit a new record of 168.2 billion yuan in sales, up 39 percent compared to the previous year, while reported 127.1 billion yuan (about $20 billion) of orders. Korean retailers and platforms, which filled with hope as frozen trade relations between Korea and China, also achieved successful results during the shopping holiday.

Gshopper, a leading cross-border commerce company, today announced that it hit its highest quarterly sales in company history, acheiving sales of 37.5 billion Won for the third quarter of 2017 thanks to Singles’ day orders.

Gshopper is the leading cross-border e-commerce company that offers sourcing of competitive items and optimal logistics services to Cross Border e-commerce/offline clients. Gshopper provides integrated distribution channel solutions from sourcing to channel distribution, sales, maketing, CS and logistics.

Recently, Gshopper has achieved cumulative sales of KRW 82.2 billion in the first nine months this year, following the sales of KRW 45 billion in the first half of this year and expect to exceed annual sales target, KRW 100 billion.

The fact that Gshopper has recorded the highest quarterly sales record in this year is the result of the thorough preparation for Singles day orders and the steady growth of the B2B business in Europe, Korea, China and Japan. In the past few months, the sales team, logistics team, and management support team of each corporation have joined forces for preparing for this shopping season and have worked together with 40 on-line channels in China including Tmall,, VIP for preparing price discount events, marketing, logistics and delivery beforehand. Also, Gshopper has established the logistics infrastructure to handle increasing shipping volumes and have made it fast and secure from order to shipment.

In addition, Gshopper team has collected and analyzed real-time sales and market response of each product line and brand by utilizing Big data system, which is Gshopper’s main competitiveness. The team has made purchasing decisions based on what products are hot among Chinese youths and have high sales potentials and where they are selling through price, sales and consumer comments data of each country utilizing its own big data decision tool.

Mr. Jun-hyuk Shim, CEO of Gshopper Korea & Japan and head of G2G business, said, " In the past few months, localized teams from each branch has improved their operational processes and strengthened their relationship with clients preparing for Singles day. We are delighted that these efforts will lead to sales results. Gshopper team plans to accelerate its growth by diversifying sales strategies in the remaining 4Q 2017, which includes Black Friday and Christmas season."

On the other hand, Gshopper has been carrying out B2B-focused business in which enables domestic brands to enter China and global markets. Securing stabilization of sourcing and price competitiveness by retaining balanced B2B business, has helped strong growth of B2B2C business this year. In the future, Gshopper plans to further stabilize 'Global to Global (G2G) business model', accelerating its B2C business to meet consumers directly and enhance its global competitiveness.

About Gshopper

Gshopper is a the leading cross-border commerce company that provides an e-commerce platform for global consumers, merchants and brands based on sales know-how and technical expertise. It offers (1) B2B Services - Offering each country's hot products to top merchant with low prices, (2) B2B2C Services - Helping global brands & merchants expand their sales/promotion channels in the global market and (3) B2C Services - Selling the globally popular items to users with reasonable prices.

Gshopper is a start-up company established in Shanghai, China in 2007 by Mr. Yeo-geol Yoon who has founded MySimon in US and WiseNut in Korea. It changed the company’s name from b5m to Gshopper in 2016 With nearly 250 employees in China, Korea and Japan, Gshopper is preparing to establish additional corporation in the US and Europe.

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