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[2016.11]Successful conclusion of K.b5m for “Double 11” and Outstanding Performance of Japanese & South Korean Brands


E-commerce vendors have made great success in “Double 11” this year. As an on-line shopping platform for Japanese and Korean trending goods, stood firm in “Double 11”, and continuously provided customers top Japanese and Korean goods with high quality and lower price.

The activity of lasted for 6 days in “Double 11” and reached to the peak on November 11. Per backend data, best selling brands in this activity include: Guerisson Cloud 9 Horse Oil Cream, Mediheal, Yadah, Cheong Kwan Jang (CKJ), Lapalette, etc. It shows that, as an on-line shopping platform to which high-end Japanese and Korean trending goods enters, the positioning of has brought a guarantee for high conversion rate.

Yadah is a healthy skin care brand that enjoys a great popularity among the Korean local youth. However, it is not available in most E-commerce platforms in China, and has not been widely accepted by Chinese customers yet. Through the “Double 11”, Yadah, conveying a healthy, gentle and organic image, was introduced to Chinese customers by Yadah enjoyed great popularity among’s customers, and became one of the best sellers in this activity.

Lapalette has a brand design highlight - “horse”, hence, it is also named as “little horse bags” in China. “Little horse bags” is no less popular than MCM and is pursued by stars and talents in Korea. The bags were sold at an exclusively preferential price provided by the manufacture on, and showed an outstanding performance in sales during this “Double 11”. does not only provide Japanese and Korean fashion trend information for the female, but also provides real benefits for users, is gaining its influence among Chinese customers.

In order to provide benefit to customers, k.b5m.comminimizes logistic cost by taking full advantage of its comprehensive logistics system and using the most efficient logistic way integrating different logistic models out of bonded warehouse, direct delivery and general trade. After the execution of new tax reform policy, k.b5m.commadestrong effort in developing an effective combination of overseas direct delivery and general trade. Together with bonded-warehouse, the new approaches are part of’s multi-channel logistic system. Currently, k.b5m.comadopts different logistic mode on different products - general trade for food, direct delivery for cosmetics, and bonded-warehouse for standard products. All efforts aim to provide the best quality, fast delivery and integrated customers’ experience.

It is worth mentioning that emphasized healthy ideas to this “Double 11”. It obtains the direct support of CKJ, the old South Korean ginsengbrand. Moreover, office snack category innovated by was also sold well for its price superiority. 99%black chocolate, almond and nuts satisfy foodies and bring health to white collars at the same time. will introduce more Japanese snack brands to continue the advocacy of healthy living mode.


Through the battle in this “Double 11”, sales amount, sales growth and logistic delivery of have gained a further upgrading. After deep cultivation in Japanese and Korean market, has developed its strong supply chain. From the consumption upgrade of users in this “Double 11”, consumers not only make comparison among prices, but also take quality as the greatest purchase motivation. There is no doubt that improved goods quality, steady procurement resources, and optimized supply chain will become the long-standing direction of continuous efforts of