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[2016.11]Focusing on Top Goods from South Korea & Japan, Fighting for Double 11 with High Quality and Lower Price


The annual “Double 11” shopping festival is coming and various E-commerce enterprises will show in their own way. This time, k.b5m.comwill attend this event with great confidence of “zero benefit” and fight for “Double 11” with high quality and low price.

The 8th “Double 11” is still an attractive highland for domestic and overseas E-commerce platforms. Having witnessed various sales promotions during the past eight years, “Double 11” is no longer merely a party for shopping online, but a weathervane for the changes of domestic E-commerce enterprises. As Japanese and Korean fashion’s entrance to Chinese market, takes advantage of “Double 11”to pass top Japanese and Korean fashion to Chinese consumers in a single touch distance.

In the grand banquet of “Double 11”, k.b5m.comis more like a yummy dessert. is not going to win by quantity but provide benefits to users by selling at cost without profit. Main categories for “Double 11” are cosmetics, body care, and emerging food category. Taking advantage of local procurement capability and ample resource of popular brands in Korea and Japan, k.b5m.comprovides price lower than any other platforms. For example, the price of Innsfree Green Tea Seed Serum on during “Double 11” is only half the normal price on its official website. And the price of Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream during the activity is about 30% lower than that on other cross-border E-commerce platforms.


Compared with previous ones, more E-commerce platforms are aware the importance of product quality and thus emphasize on it rather than merely focusing on price this year. also grasped the trend in this “Double 11”. Operation director of expressed the initial idea for participating the activity this year in an interview.“ brings authentic local bestselling products and fashion trend to Chinese consumers, and provides a trusted cross-border E-commerce platform to them”. continually reinforces the foundation of supply chain for Japanese and Korean products, communicates directly and regularly with famous local brands, and keeps close relationship with them. Direct purchase channels have been established betweenk.b5m.comand brands’ headquarters. Such channels and authorizations certificates issued by manufacturers guarantee the products’ quality.

Apart from high quality and low price, logistics is also a crucial point for “Double 11”. k.b5m.comis well prepared. All the commodities are sourced earlier to make sure all products needed are in stock for delivery. Besides, k.b5m.comoptimizes of delivery process and accelerates products distribution. Delivery to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is within 1-2 workdays. Moreover, has formed two major consumer service teams through telephone and WeChat to provide full service to users.

Strong supply chain, negotiating competence with overseas clients, integrating ability for logistics and warehousing are key to E-commerce B2C platforms. continually advance in such fields and provides the best shopping experience to Chinese consumers.