Experience Stores

Cooperating with TOM N TOMS, Gshopper provides Korean experiences through offline stores.

SERVICE Experience Stores

New Lifestyle and Shopping Experience

Collaboration Café TOM N TOMS is the largest Korean coffee chain. Gshopper helps TOM N TOMS expand its business in China.
Our stores targets youngsters who are interested in foreign cultures. Customers enjoy coffee and food provided by TOM N TOMS and also overseas products provided by Gshopper at the same time.
Customers can purchase coffee and foods through BHB app and enjoy a seamless on-/off-line shopping experience.

A profitable marketing engine Branding stores provide leisure and cultural experiences with drinks, foods, and overseas products to loyal customers.
Branding stores’ synergies with app downloads, viral marketing, PRs, and media exposure would help brands save a huge amount of marketing investment while generating profit. Many of our loyal customers visited the store and enjoyed special pricing and exposure to new products in the opening day of our 1st branding store.

Branding store in Donghua University, Shanghai

Branding store is located in Donghua University, a famous art and design university in China. Youngsters enjoy the leisure atmosphere with coffee, food, and foreign fashion products.

#258 Yangzhai Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Open 08:00 ~ 24:00
/ Tel +86.21.52808300